5 Little-Known Reasons Why Breakups Cause Such Intense Pain

Today’s Guest Guru post is from John Alex Clark from RelationshipPsychology.com 

Most people make the mistake, after a breakup, of thinking that their pain is due to one single thing – “love” for their ex. Not many people realize that after a breakup we actually feel depressed because of the combined effects of a number of different reasons. And the ironic thing is that most of these reasons are completely unrelated to love at all.

In this article, I’m going to show you five causes that contribute to breakup pain …but each of which has nothing to do with love.

Why Cheat Instead Of Leaving?


Is it normal for a girl to cheat if she’s unhappy instead of just leaving?

Basically my ex had sex with some guy when she saw me talking with another girl. A friend of mine told me about it a week later so when I asked her about it her excuse was that I was having sex with the other girl so she had sex with another guy.

How Do I Get The Courage Needed To Get A Girl’s Number?


How do I get the courage needed to get a girl’s number or to even ask out a girl?

There seems to be so many attractive girls in this world but the problem is with me. I do not have sufficient courage to approach a girl easily at the age of 22, and to ask her out.

I’ve been single my whole life for this simple reason, I want to change but do not know how to do so.


Question: How do I tell if she’s really flirting because she likes me?


How do I tell if a flirtatious girl is REALLY flirting?

I’m an freshman in high school and there is this girl who seems to be “friendly” to every dude. If a shy girl was acting like this you would know they like you.

But it’s hard to tell. Today she was talking to me and playfully “flirting”. I’m trying to determine if she truly likes me. I felt a true flirt vibe that could have just been in my imagination.

Also do you have any tips on what to do next?

QUESTION: How do I let go of my grudges?


I’ve held on to grudges for many years now, and finally met the people I’ve had grudges on. They’re actually cool now, but I just couldn’t let go of the anger and hatred for them.

All of the rumors they’ve spread, all of the lies, and things they’ve stolen, all of the insults and mockery. Their faces alone just tips me off… But I try to be cool.

Question: How do I get better at sex, without actually having it?

Question: How do I get better at sex, without actually having it?

I am waiting to have sex with someone that I care about but when I am in a position to have sex with said girl, I don’t want to suck at it. What is difficult about sex? I mean, is it the simple cardiovascular endurance needed? Can you actually do anything to train yourself to last longer?
Any advice on how I could improve would be helpful. Thanks, lol.

~ Anonymous Dude (Under 18)

Is Your Vibe Attractive Or Repulsive To Women?


I’m so tired of being a failure with dating. I want an attractive vibe, but instead I feel like I’m repulsive. I just want to skip the struggle, failure, and heartache and go to the end. I have had enough shitty relationships to last multiple lifetimes.

There’s so many attractive women, I don’t know what I need to do to keep the attention of one.

What’s worse is I realize I can’t use sex to keep their attention, which is what I did before. When does dating become easy? When do women stop saying “you’re going to make some girl happy one day”, and start wanting to become that girl for me?

When will women stop flaking out on a text message I send and actually say what’s wrong with me (I can’t fix it unless I know what’s wrong).

When will being a good guy matter? And what is an attractive vibe?

I understand not every girl is going to like me, but it’d be nice to find some that do.
~ Adam

Halloween Costumes And Meeting Women

(Today’s Guest Guru Post is by David Wygant, a legendary Dating Coach with his own fantastic website www.DavidWygant.com. Go check it out!)

Halloween Costumes And Meeting Women

A lot of you are going to be going to Halloween parties in the next few days. So what does a woman’s Halloween costume say about her?
First off, what somebody wears for Halloween is often what they really want to experience and be. Yeah, that’s right…