Still single because of too many options?


There was a time when all I would do was date. I LOVED it. I would average two or three different girls a week. It kept me busy, it helped me get good at dating, and I really enjoyed meeting new women.

Currently I’m happily in love with a beautiful girl who spoils me so much that I could never miss dating, so I’m lucky. But I can still recall having a dilemma that’s perfectly explained in a Blog Post just written by Tim Ferriss.

It’s about having so many dating options that it actually prevents some people from settling down…

Check it out here.

~ Robby

Fastest Way to Get A Girlfriend?


Sometimes you’ll find me answering dating questions over at … This was a recent question:

Q: (Male Age:25 to 29)

What’s the fastest way for a guy with ZERO dating experience to get a girlfriend?

A: Three simple steps: build your social skills, lead, and escalate.

1) Spend every waking moment building your social skills.

That’s the number 1 most attractive thing about a man… it’s not his looks or his money. It’s his social skills. A man who’s good with people will ALSO be good with women. It’s really that simple.

When a dude is great at chatting with strangers he’ll be relaxed, he’ll appear popular, and he’ll naturally (overtime) learn to read the body language of others.

So do this: talk to EVERYONE.

Standing in line at the store, ordering a pizza, jogging on the beach, renting videos, waiting for class, etc. If you’re shy then start with small talk, “Hey, I missed the news last night, do you have any idea what’s going on in New York? I heard something about a bomb?”

Do this everyday, forever.

Believe me, this is the ONE thing EVERY pickup artist does. It helps us calibrate how to tell stories, how to meet strangers, and how to be social.

2) Lead.

Most men, when they get nervous, want to follow.. not lead. And women notice this. When you start to lead you will automatically stand out from all other guys she’s met that week.

What does LEADING look like?

It means you start a conversation. Simple. Easy. That’s it.

You approach her. You ask her stuff. You laugh at her lame jokes. You say, “You know what? You’re not what I expected you’d be like when I first came over here to say hi. I’ll tell you what. There’s this new dessert place downtown I keep hearing about… wanna meet me there Tuesday after school/work to try their chocolate fondue? Then I can find out if you’re as awesome as you seem.”


Most guys will wait for the “right signal” because they’re too scared to lead. Instead it’s better to approach, setup a coffee date, then move on. Simple. If she’s not interested then you didn’t waste time standing around wondering, and you’ll always go to bed feeling proud of yourself for taking action.

3) Escalate. The reason most guys never get more then a first date.

Escalation is like leading. It’s your job to continuously, but slowly, escalate the intimacy of the relationship. You MUST touch her. You MUST hold her hand. You MUST hug her and kiss her.

Once the first kiss is out of the way you’re golden. Everything else opens up after that.

That’s it.

Do these three things and you’ll ALWAYS have options thanks to all the girls who find you attractive, cute, fun, and awesome.

~ Robby

Q: Haha, don’t wanna hear about bombs in NY, because I kind of…live there…

So I will work on my social skills, definitely…and I know what you mean about leading, but what about escalating? I imagine scenarios in my head and it’s hard for me to see when to, say, hold a girl’s hand, put my arm around her, etc…and then, first kiss of course. My inexperience makes me even more nervous about this…any ideas on making “moves” smoothly?

A: Sorry about the New York thing… but us non-New Yorkers are fascinated when ever something’s going on there! Ha!

Ya, escalation can seem scary… mostly because it feels like if we guys make a move that she doesn’t want she’ll get pissed, and we’ll lose all the ground we’ve made with her. This isn’t the case.

The HARD truth is this.. she expects you to make a move (unless you’re her uncle.) So don’t sweat it. She’ll even be disappointed if you try nothing. Weird right!?

Don’t believe me? Read this poll I ran…—have-you-ever-been-frustrated-with-your.html

10% will wait, the rest get frustrated. What does that tell you?

Women EXPECT you to make a move. It’s not something you need to feel bad about.

The very fact that you’re on a date implies your sexual intention. It’s not a secret and she won’t be horrified when you finally make a move. But she WILL be frustrated if you take too long. It’s actually better to make your move too early then too late. Some might disagree but that’s been my experience.

That doesn’t mean you grab her boobs when you pick her up for the first date.

But all roads will lead there. And which road gets you there smoothest?

Starting out with just chatting, then hugging, then holding hands, then cuddling, and a quick kiss, then a long kiss, then making out and exploring each other’s clothes, then skin, etc.

Q: Awesome advice, great progression you suggested. But you see it’s the “holding hands” thing where I get stuck, because that begins to cross the line from “friendly interest” which I can do to romantic/sexual interest…which I know I have to do, but don’t know how to do smoothly. How can I “ease” into something like that, and how can I know when the girl will be receptive to that?

A: Well, if you manage a second date, then she’s receptive to your slow advances. That’s how you know.

The easiest thing to do is pay attention to how her body responds to your touch.

Start by grabbing her hands to give her a “fake” palm reading. Google it or make it up. It’s about having fun and pretending like you know something about her hands.

But really it’s about touching her hands with yours. If you handle her with care, she’ll “feel” that you’re a careful lover.

Then let go of her hand when you’re done. Release gently. Because every touch you share with her let’s her know how you’ll handle her when she’s more vulnerable later.

Start with hand touching… the palm reading, helping her out of the car, touch her nails when commenting on them, etc. Watch to see if she pulls away, or not. If she doesn’t, then move onto another body part that’s more intimate. Like her arms and shoulders. Each time getting a sense of how comfortable her body is with you.

When you sit let your legs and shoulder touch. See if she leans into you or away from you. It’s your job to stay straight up. Don’t lean into her, that’s needy. When her body starts to lean into you (during any conversation) that’s her indicating she wants more of you.

If she’s always leaning away, then you’re losing her interest.

Grab her hand when crossing a busy street, then let go when you’re almost across. Give her your arm when walking through a restaurant, then release.

when she’s leaning in, tell her a joke, but whisper the punchline in her ear (make her lean in to hear it) so that you give her goose bumps.

The easiest way to tell if she’s ready to be kissed?

When sitting with her, touch her hair. If she seems comfortable with your hand hear her face and hair, then she’s very comfortable. If she kinda leans away, she’s not.

Then lean in a little and look at her eyes, then lips. If she does the same, then kiss her. Easy, right?

Q: Excellent, excellent advice. Thanks for taking the time to type all these helpful words. Now I guess it’s only a matter of meeting a cool girl, and working up the nerve to do these things : P

~ Robby

What Does It Mean When He Looks At Other Women?


I love answering people’s Dating Questions… so keep them coming in!

Q: (Female Age:25 to 29)

When my boyfriend checks out another girl does that mean he finds her more attractive?

I am a pretty girl, a lot of guys would love to date me or be with me. I am attractive. However, every time my boyfriend sees a girl he finds pretty, big boobs, nice ass, or pretty face, he checks them out in front of me.

Does this mean he is not satisfied with me physically, and does it mean he thinks these other girls are more attractive then I?

He tells me its just something he can’t help. Does this mean he is likely to cheat if he can’t control this behavior?

He tells me I am the most beautiful to him but I don’t understand when he displays this behavior.

Mostly I want to know if he thinks these girls are better, more beautiful then I am.

Checking out women comes naturally.

A: Two things…

1) Being in LOVE with you doesn’t mean he’s now gay. He’ll always find other women attractive. Always. Especially women younger than you.

There’s nothing to be done because attraction isn’t a choice. Our bodies want what they want.

This is NOT a measure of your beauty, or your value in his eyes. If he’s WITH you then he’s made his choice.

Attraction can be like hunger… it’s an unconscious feeling. It doesn’t MEAN anything.

He’s NOT shopping around, he’s simply enjoying the scenery.

I explain it like this… I own a new 4-Runner. I love my “Truck.” It’s my most treasured possession. And yet when I pass other new vehicles on the street I will often admire them. This doesn’t mean I want to sell my Truck and buy some other guy’s expensive car… I simply admire the beauty in other people’s things.

Most guys can admire other women without a specific desire to “own and operate.” If that makes sense. He will always find beautiful women attractive. But realize that attraction is a feeling, like pain and hunger. It ISN’T a judgment on you, or these other girls. He’s not comparing either of you. He’s simply admiring.

Sometimes staring is rude.

2) He should be mature enough to control his outward behaviors.

Even if he finds other women attractive he should never behave in such a way that is disrespectful towards you. If you don’t like him looking at girls he should respect that while walking with you.

He should also never bother to tell you how nice these other girls look in appreciation for your sensitivity about the subject.

This is basic polite behavior.

If he IS being rude, let him know that you find it disrespectful and to oogle girls when you’re not around.

I hope this helps!

~ Robby

Blog Girl Testimonial – Krystal

“Dating men is challenging enough without having to come across creepy, needy or just plain awkward guys who might be great inside, but have no clue how to either be themselves around women or treat a good one once they’ve managed to attract one.

It’s really great to see that someone cares enough to put forth the kind of effort Robby is putting in converting men who ‘don’t get it’ to the types of men great women rarely meet – guys who are FUN, INTERESTING, CHALLENGING, HONEST, and SINCERE!

I know far too many great women out there looking for this type of guy. Robby, the male AND female species needs you!

Keep it up!”


Krystal is a dating genius.

Krystal Testimonial
Krystal gives great testimonials!

I love testimonials.

~ Robby


P.S. Are you a Hot Girl that thinks men should listen to what I have to say? Email Me your photos and your testimonials and I’ll add it to my website. If you want links back to your website or facebook page just ask and you will receive.

Just don’t send me bogus testimonials… I only want the REAL THING!

Jealous or Jaded?


Being jaded is the worst thing you can do to your future sex life. Why? Because it’s the type of negative energy that makes all women repulsed by you.

Trust me, you’re not so important that she’s trying to spite you. She’s simply making the best choice for her. And you would do the same if you realized how many options you REALLY have!


Q:I was dating this girl back home over the summer. Even though it really wasn’t that long, it seemed like it because we spent every day together. The only problem was that she still had a year of high school and I had started my second year of college 8 hours away.

Nevertheless we were very attached so we decided to continue our relationship with plans to visit one another every other week. However the second week away she simply said that things weren’t working out and she couldn’t do it right now. I figured that she was worried about the distance so I decided to be her friend and help her work through it which is what she wanted because I really care about her and I want us to be together.

Anyway I’ve spent a month waiting for her to “figure things out” and I find out last night that she’s been seriously talking to another guy for a while.

Not someone even remotely cool, but a high school dropout with no job and nothing going for him. One thing she said is that she would never date a small town loser and this guy is the quintessential small town loser.

Is she just that fake and desperate?

Or is she really just a skank who wanted me as a summer hookup buddy and now that I’m not there all the time she’s moved on to the easiest thing she can get. I’m just baffled and heartbroken at the same time.

What should I think?

A: You’re learning the hard lessons of “attraction” and “rapport.”

Attraction is about tension, danger, romance, mystery and seduction. You were none of these things.

Instead you were trying to build “rapport” which is about being friends, sharing, story telling, and connecting. This only works when you are already IN a relationship… not living 8 hours away from each other.

She doesn’t go home to sit in a hot bath of soapy water thinking about all the “nice” things you did for her (she knows you like her so she has no reason to think about you)… she thinks about that boy she isn’t sure about… that guy who’s mysterious and dangerous. While I applaud your efforts to be her friend in an effort to help her out, your mistake was thinking this would “get you the girl.”

Your second mistake is getting upset at her (“is she fake and desperate?”) You can’t blame her for wanting to be with a guy who’s local, interesting, and fun.

Why would she waste her time thinking about you when you live 8 hours away? And why are you wasting your time even caring about this girl when she’s not in your life anymore?

Do you think she’s going online to figure out why things didn’t work out with you two? No. She’s out having drinks with new guys.

Nothing makes an old girlfriend easier to forget than a new girl who’s worth getting to know.

Get out there and meet some new women, and learn from this past mistake. I’d also recommend you get rid of this anger, and learn to appreciate how awesome your summer was with her.

Life is temporary, and wasting time thinking about the past is a great way to miss the future.

~ Robby


This next question is from a girl who seems to be stuck in a place where she’s insecure and needy. It’s unfortunate because it’s a place like that which will turn great girls into unattractive girls… like Heidi Montag, who was once really cute but who’s become desperate and needy.

Remember when Heidi Montag wasn't needy or gross?

Q:My ex is with someone else and wanted to be friends, we talked for awhile but just as things are going good between us he stops me being able to talk to him (without a word), so I stupidly keep texting him to try and talk and he just totally ignores me, I even ask if he never wants to hear from me again, just to let me know, he says nothing.

He was the one who wanted to be friends even tho I said I didn’t know if I could because he’s with someone else and the way I feel about him.

But why when we’re getting on so well, and talking like we used to does he do this?

I even asked if he’d mind talking to me on the phone or msn once, just to have a chat normally and that be it so I can move on with my life but he didn’t even take that?

Is he ever going to talk to me again?

Why be ok with me 1 minute and then do that the next? I haven’t msg him in a week and I know I should move on but I just want answers!

I only talked to him like normal!

A:Being mature is about making decisions for yourself.

Needing his approval, needing his response, or needing him at all, is about your own insecurities, inadequacies, and likely your own misguided assumptions.

Do you NEED him to like you before you can like yourself?

Do you NEED him to say “I’m not interested in being friends any more because my new relationship can’t handle me talking to more than one girl at a time” before you’ll “GET IT”?

These are all external things you can’t control, but it sounds like you’re depending on them to guide you before you’re willing to do anything else.

Don’t be weak and dependent upon him and others.. be STRONG and independent, while others wait depend upon you.

As soon as he doesn’t respond to your FIRST text message, that’s your cue to get busy with something (someone?) else.

Nothing makes an old boyfriend easier to forget than a new guy who’s worth getting to know.

~ Robby

Understanding Women: Part 8 – Is she a Crazy Lying Whore?


You can read Part 7: Her Inner Zombie here.

I Feel So Confused…

Sometimes women seem to contradict themselves… almost like they’re lying:

  • She says, “I really like you… it’s just that I’m not really ready for a relationship right now” and then she immediately starts dating that blond hunk who bartends at your favorite Friday Night Hot Spot. (Read Reason 4 Below)
  • She falls crying into your friendly arms to complain about her cheating boyfriend but then ends up going back to him the next weekend. (Read Reason 2 Below)
  • She continues to avoid your advances over the last 5 weeks of casual dating because she’s made it clear that she’s not “that type of girl” and that she prefers to “take things slow” … and then ends things with you, but you later hear she complained to her girlfriends that you just wouldn’t “make a move.” (Read Reason 1 Below)
  • You’ve been dating her for the past year now and have finally concluded that there some things she’s just not comfortable doing with you … sexually. Until she confesses doing those exact things with a male stripper, in the parking lot, at her friend’s bachelorette party. (Read Reason 1 Below)
  • Things are going well in the relationship, you’re giving her everything she wants, but for some reason it seems to only make her more upset and angry. (Read Reason 3 Below)
  • She get’s upset when you say, “I don’t care where we eat, you decide.” (Read Reason 3 Below)

Women are a fun conundrum of complexity, emotions, tits and ass. We love to hate them and we hate to love them.

To wrap up this mini-series on women I’m concluding with some of the strangest parts of their behaviors and mindsets…

Why is she crazy?

Four Reasons She’s Not a Crazy Lying Whore

There’s really four main reasons that can explain the bizarre behaviors of feminine women:

  1. The Madonna / Whore complex.
  2. Her Feminine Energy.
  3. She Tests You Because She Wants To Trust You.
  4. She’s Just Not That Into You.

1. Is She Pure, or Purely a Whore?

Here’s a test…

Do you think that “good girls” enjoy sex in a different way then “bad girls”?

Does this make her a whore?

Is there a part of you that thinks your girlfriend needs to be pure and unsoiled by dirty sex acts while you secretly masturbate to fantasies between you and “whores” performing very different sexual activities?

Some women have this same complex.

It’s often called the Madonna / Whore complex.

It’s an inner conflict many of us grow up with… we gain this prejudice about sex and sexuality that causes us to judge ourselves, and others, based upon their sexual habits. Blame the church, your mom, or the media for introducing you to such prejudices. And blame yourself for holding onto them.

Here’s the problem: we’re taught to treat certain sexual activities as “dirty” … this often leads to us (men and women) to judging AND desiring women who are more sexually aggressive, assertive, and open.

Somewhere we’re taught that sexuality is dirty. And yet we’re also told that sex is awesome and being sexy is awesome! This conflict can really mess us up.

The problem is that women are at the raw end of this deal. Women suffer more from social judgments then we do. Boys can brag about their sexual exploits while girls are shamed for theirs.

This causes us to divide the way we see sex with women as both loving AND dirty.

This is a disease of the mind that can make many guys diminish the type of sex life they’re willing to enjoy with their girlfriends and wives simply because they don’t want to “soil” their image of her… while secretly craving more sexually experimental relationships with other women they respect less.

Believing that your girlfriend might become soiled from your deep sexual thirst is a terrible belief that only pushes her more and more away from you, and may encourage both partners to seek sex outside of the relationship. This is stupid.

The term SLUTTY confuses us... how can we both judge and desire her?

If you REALLY believe that your girlfriend/wife is only for “making love” while the porn star you masturbate to is only good for “dirty sex” then you are definitely suffering from the Madonna / Whore complex.

It’s this judgment of themselves (or fear from the judgments of others) that causes so many women to put up a fake front that says, “I only make love… I’m not into dirty sex.” These same women WANT to explore their sexuality, but they will never do so with someone they fear will embarrass them in public, or who will judge them for it the next day.

And some guys get this.

It’s these guys who enjoy one-night-stands with women simply because they provide a “safe” environment for her to explore her sexual desires, without the fear of him laughing at her for it, or bragging to her friends afterwards.

Remember… being sexual is NOT wrong… it’s empowering and natural. And the sooner you can convey your feelings on the matter the better. Because if she sees that you’re not embarrassed to flirt, or share sexual secrets, she’ll ALSO feel less inhibited. And that’s a good thing.

If you want women to surrender to your sexual escalation then you will need to rid yourself of such sexual judgments (towards yourself and others.)


2. The Mysteries Of The Feminine

Read anything by David Deida and you’ll quickly learn powerful insights about the masculine and the feminine.

All men and women can express masculine energy and feminine energy. But overall most women naturally express feminine energy and most guys express masculine energy.

The feminine energy is about passion, creativity, dramatic expression, nurturing and loving. This energy wants to be filled up with never-ending emotions and feelings of love. Most feminine people seek long conversations because they enjoy the ever flowing process of talking and sharing.

The masculine energy is about making order out of chaos, puzzle solving, bringing things to conclusion. This energy is about emptying out, feeling void and quiet. Like the feelings of orgasm, or meditation. We masculine people want silence and peace and so we hurry to finish the conversation.

The ultimate feminine expression is giving life (being a mother for example.) The ultimate masculine expression is death (violent sports help illustrate this.)

Masculine Vs. Feminine Scale
Masculine Vs. Feminine Scale

These two energies are like the opposites on a magnet – north and south. And the more opposite your energy is to hers, the more attracted you’ll both naturally feel.

But because we express ourselves so differently (the masculine and the feminine) we often find ourselves very confused with the opposite energy (or opposite sex.) While we guys want to sit quietly and watch a sport’s show she might want to sing and dance and interact. We guys often want silence while she wants to talk. It’s simply two different energies.

This difference can be annoying outside of the bedroom, but during sex these differences feel fantastic! The more masculine male will want to devour her and fill her up with himself. The more feminine female will surrender to his lead and will want to be filled up by him.

If she’s very feminine then she’s very much like the weather. Ever changing and hard to predict. She’s influenced by all the hot and cold fronts all around her. The more feminine she is, the more she’s influenced by the things around her and by others in her life. Why? Because the feminine enjoys this constant flux and flow of emotions. While the masculine prefers structure and order.


Here’s how it applies…

When you say Do you want to join me for dinner Thursday night? she s might actually hear Do you feel like joining me for dinner Thursday night? And perhaps in that very moment she s feeling happy and content and really DOES feel like joining you for dinner on Thursday night.

But come Thursday she may no longer feel like joining you. So when she cancels and says No I don t feel like joining you tonight she s being honest because she really doesn t feel like it – in that moment. She was being honest when she first said, “yes” but she was also being honest on Thursday when she says, “no thanks.”

Does this make her a liar?


This just makes her a slave to her emotions. I know some guys like this too, so I m not actually pointing fingers at all women, I m just hoping to provide some insight into scenarios like this. There can be any number of reasons someone flakes out on us.

Something that is especially true with women you ve just started to date, or have just met, is that they really don t know you yet. It takes many many years to learn about someone, and so if she s canceling out on a date it s not because she s rejecting you. She doesn t even know you. It s because of her own reasons. These are reasons you re going to have to accept as being unknowable.

Force yourself to be around attractive women so that you can become acclimatized to their feminine energy.

Should you get upset about this?


Do you get upset when the weather is sunny on one day and then rainy on the next day? Of course not, because the weather is uncontrollable and is made up of so many variables that it s almost impossible to predict. This is the same as the emotional well being of a feminine woman in any given moment. And if she s making decisions based upon how she feels then you re almost at the mercy of her emotional state.

Learn to improve her emotional state and you’ll learn how to help her to ALWAYS say “YES!” to your requests.

Don’t take her “no thanks” as a final answer until you’ve made an effort to first improve her emotional state. Make her laugh, make her smile, and try again. Persistence is a part of being a man who get’s what he wants.


3. She Tests You To Trust You

It’s called a “shit test.”

It’s her being bitchy, rude, or purposely antagonistic.

It took me years before I knew this was even happening, and once I did I had no idea how to deal with it. Thankfully I can save you some grief…

Why does she do it?

She wants to know if your house is made of straw or stone.

She will test you simply because she doesn’t think you’re paying attention, being authentic, or bringing your true masculine self to the interaction. Almost like a child who screams to get his mom’s attention, she will sometimes scream to find out what you’re made of. She wants to know if you will freak out and prove to her that you’re not a man, or she wants to know if you’re stand up for yourself and that you’re a mountain that she can’t move.

If you’re insecure, easily manipulated, or you become angry and frustrated, then she knows that your house is made of straw. And your straw house will not keep her safe in times of real trouble. But if you are non-reactive to the hurricane that is her emotional state, then she will FEEL that your house is made of stone, and that she can trust you to keep a cool head in times of trouble.

Is your inner game weak like straw or strong like brick?

Here’s the perfect example of a guy who “doesn’t get it” and who’s house is built of straw:

Guy: “Hey ladies, my name is Steve. I just HAD to come over here to meet you!”

Lady 1: “We’re not out to get picked up tonight pal, so fuck off.”

Guy: “Jesus, sorry for bothering you. I didn’t know you were bitches.”

In this first scenario the guy is reacting to the negative energy these two women were already feeling.

Here is the same interaction, except he’s more present and nonreactive to their mood:

Guy: “Hey guys, my name’s Steve.”

Lady 1: “We’re not out to get picked up tonight pal, so fuck off.”

Guy: “Wow, finally a woman who’s actually honest. That’s kinda powerful. Don’t feel bad, I’m the cock block for my friends too. Pound it!” (puts his fist out to be bumped.)

You see, being upset with a woman simply because she’s not into you is NOT how a “real man” reacts. And women naturally desire “real men.” So when you don’t react to her bad behavior, it helps teach her that you’re an unmoving mountain that she can lean on in times of stress.

The three easiest ways to “pass” her tests, at any stage of your relationship:

1) Be a leader. Make decisions without seeking her permission. Drive the buss. If she has an opinion she’ll let you know, but she’ll become frustrated with you if you’re ALWAYS asking her first…. “But sweet heart, where do YOU want to eat dinner tonight? What movie do YOU want to see?” Handling her with kitten gloves and constantly seeking her approval will make her bitchy very quickly. Instead you should just LEAD.

2) Escalate. If you’ve had three dates and you still haven’t tried to kiss her, then she’s gonna move on quick. Trust me, women don’t get upset when you make your move, they get upset when you don’t.

3) Don’t take things personally. If you react to the world like everything everyone else is doing is some type of slight towards you, then you’re just being a sissy. You are not a unique snowflake and you are not that important. When other people are slamming you it’s because they’re mad, not because you matter. It’s not personal. Every bad thing people do to hurt others has nothing to do with others, and has EVERYTHING to do with themselves. Read Don Ruiz to learn more about this.


4. She’s Just Not That Into You

I know this is hard to believe but sometimes a woman really doesn’t want you around.

The Bitch Shield helps prevent her from talking to your sorry ass.

Either she’s not into you (so she’s rude in a way that makes you go away) or she’s insecure and rejects you before you can reject her (I call this Rejection Protection Syndrome.)

And sometimes the easiest way to get rid of a dude is to be an asshole to him. It’s not mature, but it works.

If you’re interacting with a woman and you’re battling her mood, let her go. Don’t hold on to your frustration, just let it go. Maybe in 30 minutes she’ll relax and when she does she’ll realize you handled yourself with cool calm confidence.

Besides, why chase a girl who’s not interested? It’s annoying for her, and emasculating for you.


Final Thoughts

As hot and crazy as women are, I feel they’re worth studying. Not only to lessen our frustrations with their decision making process, but to improve the chances of them wanting into our lives, as friends and lovers.

But there’s a terrible secret I’ve hidden from you until just now.

Getting the Girl is made easier by studying them, but your real success will come from understanding yourself. Learning why you react the way you do, understanding your OWN emotions and motivations… THAT is where you can make GREAT strides with women.

Why? Because the more balanced you become as a man, the more attractive you become naturally to everyone around you.

There’s something captivating about being around a person who’s balanced, centered, and present.

So, stop reading about women, and start learning about your hot self.

~ Robby


You can read Part 7: Her Inner Zombie here.

P.S. Did any of this make sense? Ask me your questions in the comments below.

Top Photo Credit: – Pin-Up Punk Rock and Goth Girls

Boobquakes? Boobs can cause earthquakes?


“Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes,”

~ Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi was quoted as saying by Iranian media.

Iranian women walk outside a shopping center northwest of Tehran. Photo: AFP/GETTY

Here’s the situation


Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi (Tehran’s acting Friday prayer leader) has decided to publicly scold scantily clad women for causing the earthquakes the earth is currently suffering. I guess he feels that when women are immodest (I read that as “comfortable or sexy”) they’re sinning so greatly that the earth it’s self becomes pissed off. That’s good science!

He continues with, “There is no other solution but to take refuge in religion and to adapt our lives to Islam’s moral codes.”

To help educate Sedighi that earthquakes come from plate-techtonics (and not boobs like I used to think) some scantily clad women had a protest.

This protest has begun this year’s greatest online video movement… something they’re calling a “boobquake.” Get it? Boobs that will cause earthquakes! Boobquakes! Hilarious!?

I’m not even making this up.

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I’m all about learning.


YOUTUBE videos of recent BOOBQUAKES












News Coverage:

News Story 01
News Story 02
BBC News Article

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Blog Girl Testimonial – Maggie

“Robby is one of the most interesting men I have never met… which (hopefully) means there are others like him that I haven’t met. I take partial blame for the lack of encounters, men pretty much freak me out these days 🙂

I read his blog because he posts links on Facebook and the weird titles draw me in. His volition is inspiring. He truly wants you to succeed by tapping into the fun, genuine, honorable man that you are beneath all the layers of conditioning.

His approach is insightful and simple because he gives you tools you can use in the real world (please use them, thanks). I sometimes find myself looking for bits of wisdom in his articles. I wish he would write for women too.”

Maggie knows men.

Her brain is as pretty as her face. Take her advice… read my blog more.


I love testimonials.

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Are you to blame for cheating?


Are we always responsible for our sexy actions? Or is it possible that sex addiction is a real excuse? It turns out some provisional psychologists are seeking these answers.

Sex Addiction?
Sex Addiction?

This that sounds too much like work to me, and yet I’m very curious about what’s been discovered…

“It sounds very cliched, but in 97 per cent of cases these people have been emotionally abused, and 73 per cent of those have been sexually abused,” says Jennifer Mitchell.

I don’t buy it.

But if you do then read the rest over at the Edmonton Journal.

And just for shits and giggles you might also enjoy this story, “Husband’s sex addiction a ‘real illness.’ says wife.”

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