How do you get a guy to want to date you? I’ve been in love with my best guy friend for a long time now, and I don’t understand why he won’t date me. He says he isn’t ready to have a girlfriend yet, but he wants to have sex with me. I need to know how to deal with this. Can you help me?


Rob’s Reply:

Well I hope this isn’t news to you, but most guys will want to have sex with you.

But, if you’re wise, self confident, and secure, you will avoid a common pitfall for many girls your age – trading sex for attention/love/affection/approval.

Don’t use sex as a bargaining chip.

Force your guy friends to prove themselves as friends without any incentive for sex. This includes boys you’ll be dating over the next 20 years. Then, when you’re 35 or so, you can start giving that sh*t away for free. Ha!

As for “attracting” any guy you want, know one thing: guys will first seem interested in you based on your looks (because we’re suprficial at first) but we fall in love with your personality.

If you’re self confident, flirty, sincere, and FUN then guys will naturally want to be with you.

But if you’re insecure, needy, desperate, and you give your body away to whom ever asks for it, most guys will NOT want to be around you.

Basically we guys FEEL what you FEEL. If you feel worried, nervous, insecure, and needy then guys will FEEL this and will avoid you.

But if you feel awesome, proud, happy, secure, fun, and curious then guys will FEEL this too.

Keep your panties on, your chin up, and accept that some guys just want to be friends. Find someone new worth getting to know.

~ Robby


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