Merry Christmas!

Hey, thanks for reading my blog and for being my best friend. I want to thank you with the most expensive gift I can afford – the gift of my heart. So I’ve asked another talented friend to sing these songs with me in hopes of warming the cockles of your heart too!



Question: Has this girl lost interest, and what can I do?


Has this girl lost interest?

Previously I told you about this girl that I was dating long distance.  I was going to visit her at the end of October. I did and also had a job interview there. Long story short, she texted me the day I was leaving that we didn’t have anything in common and that we could stay friends but nothing more, ever. I told her that I can’t be “only” friends with her because I would be lying to myself and I’ll walk away. I told her that if she changes her mind to call me.

QUESTION: I’m Shy And Don’t Know How to Meet Women, Help!


Hello, I would like to take women on dates. The problem that I’m currently facing is to know where I could meet some women.I just graduated from college, and never went on a date. I know that I should have experience by now what it is like to date someone, but back then in college I was extremely shy and couldn’t even hold a conversation for more than 10 seconds.

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